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Founded in 2009, Blue Point Trading is a unique boutique proprietary trading firm which provides above average trading returns for its investors through its managed fund. Our core values for our company are: transparency, trustworthiness, team oriented and aggressive risk management of our investor’s funds.

How do we provide above market performance with aggressive risk management? Primarily three ways. First we spread risk of the investor’s funds over a team of traders and trading strategies. So no one trader can harm the fund. This allows us as well, to profit in all market conditions – as different trading strategies at different times can provide. “The power of the many is greater than the power of one.” Secondly, we have new technology in place to ensure that strict trader targets and controls are adhered to (via our real-time risk manager) as well as provide trader tools (for example the Trading Floor and the Toolbox) to enable trader success. Finally, Blue Point Trading has in place an “engine” to recruit and build this team of traders to perform the trading. We accomplish this via our unique Trader Programme.

As many followers of Blue Point Trading and experienced traders know well, there is no “Holy Grail” in trading. Trading is a hard job – and it is a full-time job. Blue Point Trading does not have any one specific trade trigger, neither does it seek one. Every potential trader has something to offer – from the novice to the most experienced. We do not just offer trader training – we also understand what makes a good trader and can manage and coach a trader to bring  them to their full potential – while making money for the trader, our investors and Blue Point Trading.

The Blue Point Trading – Team

AboutBio: William Thompson has been an avid derivatives day trader for the past ten years and has a unique understanding of market fundamentals. He has taken this understanding and applied it to market technicals in order to effectively and consistently put together winning trading strategies that can generate trading profits of over 100% per year. He has extended these strategies and has applied them to robotic algorithmic trading systems. Though these system may be complicated, he has an ability to make the complex, simple. He graduated from Western University near Chicago IL. in the USA, where he studied economics and is the home of the largest derivatives market in the world, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). Over his career, he has worked in the financial industry as a management consultant for “Big 5″ consulting corporations, such as IBM and Cap Gemini. In addition, by completing many successful and strategic missions within an exchange environment, such as EuroNext and the European Central Bank, it has given him an extensive understand of how markets work. His hands on consulting approach and easy to understand market triggers enables new traders to become skilled profitable traders in accelerated time frames.

Position: Managing Director
Residence: Toulon, France
Pseudo chat room name: Blue
Skype Name: blue_blue_point_trading
E-Mail: blue@blue-point-trading.com

AboutBio: Richard Harries, graduated with a BSC honours degree in Business Economics from the University of Wales Swansea. Working as an account manager for an engineering firm, he has gained the skills necessary to work with people in a patient, approachable and effective manner. Since then, Richard has left this assignment to fulfill his dreams and do his first love – trading. He has been an avid futures trader for the past fours, full time. These skills makes him invaluable as an Executive Recruiter for Blue Point Trading. When he is not doing his favorite past times of golf, squash, rugby, cricket, football and travelling the world, he has been dedicated to helping recruit and on-board traders into Blue Point Trading, to help fellow traders achieve this same dream.

Position: Executive Recruiter
Residence: London, United Kingdom
Pseudo chat room name: Richard
Skype Name: richard_blue_point_trading
E-Mail: richard@blue-point-trading.com

AboutBio: Krishna Veni, is an aerospace engineer by choice, from The Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. She pursued an MBA in Finance from The Indian School of Business, Hyderabad. She has worked for various MNCs in various roles from designing aircraft engines, heading a retail chain to business consulting. After a few years of working she got introduced to the field of her passion – TRADING! She wishes she knew more about trading during her undergraduate studies. She started trading the Indian Equities market in 2009 and shifted to Forex and derivatives trading. Trading to her is the best job in the world. It brings new challenges and opportunities every day and gives the utmost in job satisfaction. She believes every student should be exposed to trading so they could make an informed decision in their future career. With this vision, she has opened a Blue Point Trading office in Hyderabad, to enable ordinary people succeed in trading.

Position: Trade Floor Manager – Hyderabad, India
Residence: Hyderabad, India
Pseudo chat room name: Krishna
Skype Name: krishna_blue_point_trading
E-Mail: krishna@blue-point-trading.com

AboutBio: Serban Ionut, is an economist who gradulated from the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest in the domain of finance, banking and the stock exchange. He also has a MBA in Business Administration and a PHD at the University of Craiova in Economics. After working in the banking sector and then in the industrial sector, as a Chief Financial Officer, he decided to develop his skills as a futures derivatives trader. Since 2010, he has been actively trading, specializing in EUR/USD futures and equity options. Trading is a lifestyle that is self fulfilling. Trading gives him a challenging environment every day. His purpose is to lead young people to become successful traders. From this he decided to open the Blue Point Trading office in Craiova, Romania so young people can have the chance to succeed in trading to gain a better life.

Position: Trade Floor Manager – Romania
Residence: Craiova, Romania
Pseudo chat room name: Serban
Skype Name: serban_blue_point_trading
E-Mail: serban@blue-point-trading.com

AboutBio: Jason Berry, is a multi-faceted entrepreneur and professional day trader from the Toronto, Ontario CA area. Jason specializes in trading Forex, equities, and binary options. He has been especially successful in short-term trading strategies, where quick intraday profits can be obtained. He is the founder and CEO of Berries Investment Corporation; a company that provides an array of financial services, education, and resources. His educational background encompasses electrical engineering telecommunications, accounting, Canadian securities, economics, finance, and small business management. His passion is to work with his fellow traders, from the novice to the professional, where one can learn to trade with success together, with the opportunities provided at Blue Point Trading.

Position: Trade Floor Manager – Ontario, CA
Residence: Ontario, Canada
Pseudo chat room name: Jason
Skype Name: jason_blue_point_trading
E-Mail: jason@blue-point-trading.com

AboutBio: Hitendra Patil, is a first-generation entrepreneur running an IT-enabled Services company in Pune, India. After a few years since inception of his first business, ups and downs led him to realize importance of diversifying business and that is where he got introduced to the field which always fascinated him, trading. He started trading equities and commodities in Indian stock market in 2010 as an individual. According to him, trading is the best job in the world as it enables one to work in one’s own comfort zone. His business acumen prompted him to start Blue Point Trading office in Pune, Maharashtra (India) so that he could tender the earning opportunities to those who are willing to work smart and be their own boss.

Position: Trade Floor Manager – Pune, India
Residence: Pune, India
Pseudo chat room name: Hitenda
Skype Name: hiten_blue_point_trading
E-Mail: hiten@blue-point-trading.com

Blue Point Trading – Legal Entity

Blue Point Trading is a registered company in France. Blue Point Trading uses the brokerage services of IronFX, ALPARI and Interactive Brokers (UK), who are global online providers of foreign exchange and derivatives trading to retail and institutional customers world-wide. All are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom. In addition, Blue Point Trading is an Introducing Broker for IronFX – click here to learn more.

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