Bluepoint daily market view – March 07, 2012

Bluepoint daily market view – March 07, 2012Brazil overtakes UK’s economy. Brazil has become the sixth-biggest economy in the world, the country’s finance minister has said. The Latin American nation’s economy grew 2.7% last year, official figures show, more than the UK’s 0.8% growth. The National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) and other economic forecasters also said that Brazil had now overtaken the UK. The Brazilian economy is now worth $2.5tn (£1.6tn), according to Finance Minister Guido Mantega. A UK Treasury spokesman said: “Strong economic growth and large populations in the big emerging economies mean that some will catch up with advanced economies like the UK.

So what are most industrialised countries doing? Trying to reduce their populations through immigration restrictions.

Western economies are desperate for growth to jump start their economies. However many of their immigration policies are one of the key factors to why this growth is not happening. They have an ever growing aging population and no young people to bring in to pay for their retirements. Mostly due to the dislike for unfamiliar races and the unwillingness to have babies, many of the western economies are slowly fading into nonexistence – without immigration many countries in Europe would have declining populations. Immigration is not a problem – rather the solution – if one could get over the uncomfortability of immigration. For sure one should control immigration and not just let economic leechers into their countries. But for those willing to work and earn their way – Western economies should welcome these folks. Its one of the key ways to spur growth.

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Ki —

Thamks for posting those blogs man. Gives a nice perspective to consider for the 1am – 3am trade

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