Bluepoint daily market view – October 25, 2011

Bluepoint daily market view – October 25, 2011Looking for away to boost your morale and happiness? Many of our traders and readers sitting in the northern hemisphere are experiencing the coming of fall and winter. It’s getting colder and rainier. Well it is here anyway. So to ensure we do not just close the window and become hermits we need a morale boost. Besides traders that are unhappy and have a poor moral frame of mind may be more likely  to make bad trades.

I recently came across an article from Martin Seligman, author of Authentic Happiness, who has done studies in positive psychology. He mentioned one proven way to increase happiness was to do a:  gratitude visit, which caused large positive changes in happiness. The study showed that those that do gracious things on a regular basis tend to be happier in life then those who do not.

So your assignment in November is to find some one in your life, that is in the hospital or living alone and does not get out due to physical inabilities. Go visit them and bring them a small gift to show your degree of feeling and appreciation. Yes we want to make lots of money in trading – but ruthlessness in the end will not necessarily make you a better trader and certainly not happier. I find that the better traders tend to have a stable clear head and have a good perspective in life. Ruthless traders tend to burn up themselves and their accounts. Please comment on what your plans are below.

Daily Market View:


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