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Blue Point Trading over the past several years has been working feverishly in the development of algorithmic trading robots. What we have done is to combine our ongoing good manual trading strategies and special software development routines to develop what we call the “Blue Razor Robo.” As its name implies our trading robot is designed to carve out good trading profits with razor precision. Several things have gone into this to make it successful:

  • Over two years of software development activities that mimic our already successful manual trading strategies,
  • Tuning the robo to ensure each of the triggers, order management and filters are properly configured,
  • Adherence to tight risk management policies with stops that limit any big losses and hence has small drawn downs,
  • Extensive back testing, forward testing and actual live trade testing, and
  • An operational infrastructure that will enable it to be operated and validated in a commercial environment.

There are many trading robots on the market today advertising varying degrees of success. Many are justified via back testing only. For sure we have done this successfully as well. What we have found is that back tests very often do not represent live actual trading. We have many robots that work wonderfully in back tests, but when testing live – fall apart. Hence it is important to watch live alerts and review resulting reports.

For each instance of the robo we have allocated $15K of margin capital to operate (these reports are of one robo instance). The robo trade Oil futures exclusively, with a maximum of 2 contracts. Other instruments groups are being worked on. Blue Point Trading operation runs continuously the robo between each Sunday night and closes it each Friday evening in accordance to market hours (start and stop times may vary and we do close manually all trades over the weekend). You may validate its results, by matching the reports we provide here with real-time trade alerts via our twitter feed (trade alert time stamps on twitter, historical instrument price data and our reports – make it virtually impossible to misrepresent our performance reports). As in any live operational environment there are always issues that arise and manual robo restarts will occur and hence some discrepancies may exist. We will be adding weekly performance updates to this web page.

The Blue Razor Robo is not for sale nor is being prepared for sale. At some point we may commercialize it for client trade alert use on a limited basis. For now we offer its trade alerts for free via our real-time twitter feed (also seen on our twitter badge of this website) and to enhance our current funds performance. Today it is free – this may not always be the case in the future. If you would like more information on our Blue Razor Robo or be put on a potential client list when commercialized, please feel free to contact us as an investor.

Blue Razor Robo – (Oil) Overview Report

Blue Razor Robo – (Oil) Detailed Weekly Reports

Year and Week No.: Weekly Results: Report Link:
2014-50 -970.00 Week 50-2014 Report
2014-49 3990.00 Week 49-2014 Report
2014-48 710.00 Week 48-2014 Report
2014-47 -980.00 Week 47-2014 Report
2014-46 3850.00 Week 46-2014 Report
2014-43 -870.00 Week 43-2014 Report
2014-42 -830.00 Week 42-2014 Report
2014-41 -1040.00 Week 41-2014 Report
2014-40 -600.00 Week 40-2014 Report
2014-39 -900.00 Week 39-2014 Report
2014-38 2520.00 Week 38-2014 Report
2014-37 -640.00 Week 37-2014 Report
2014-36 190.00 Week 36-2014 Report
2014-35 -1150.00 Week 35-2014 Report
2014-34 610.00 Week 34-2014 Report
2014-33 -1570.00 Week 33-2014 Report
2014-32 -600.00 Week 32-2014 Report
2014-31 690.00 Week 31-2014 Report
2014-30 2400.00 Week 30-2014 Report
2014-29 2910.00 Week 29-2014 Report
2014-28 -1180.00 Week 28-2014 Report
2014-27 2420.00 Week 27-2014 Report
2014-26 750.00 Week 26-2014 Report
2014-25 -2330.00 Week 25-2014 Report
2014-24 1260.00 Week 24-2014 Report
2014-23 720.00 Week 23-2014 Report
2014-22 -620.00 Week 22-2014 Report
2014-21 460.00 Week 21-2014 Report
2014-20 260.00 Week 20-2014 Report
2014-19 480.00 Week 19-2014 Report
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