Blue Point Trading Market View – March 13, 2014

Commodity bubble of 2014? Commodities have enjoyed considerable volatility in recent months. Mostly higher (Coffee has doubled) but some lower (Copper). This can also be seen in the net exposure of…

Bluepoint daily market view – September 22, 2011

Fed guesses again with twist? Ostensibly, the idea behind selling short term debt and buying more long term debt is to bring interest rates down, with all the (theoretical) advantages that brings to…

Bluepoint daily market view – April 15, 2011

What does a parabolic market look like? When you keep drawing trend lines steeper and steeper and the price moves from vertical to horizontal – yes this market has become parabolic. All eyes now ar…

Bluepoint daily market view – April 1, 2010

Is Gold a crowded trade? The word on the street is that Gold is ready for a sharp move down because every one is long Gold. In fact the reality is the opposite could very well be true !!! Consider…

Bluepoint daily market view – January 12, 2010

Perhaps we have had our minor pull back and equities are ready to resume their advance. I would have liked to see a little more decline. In any case, the equities pulled back to support at 1138 and…

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