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1902, 2015

Blue Point Trading Daily Market View – February 19, 2015

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QE Over, Markets Stall, Correlation – Feb, 2015? Here at Blue Point Trading, we do maintain a database of fundamental analysis and we share this information from time to time on our Blog. One data point we watch closely, as […]

1212, 2014

Blue Point Trading Daily Market View – December 12, 2014

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WTF, central banks trading Oil and Corn Futures? Do you think that there are mysterious forces at the play in the markets nowadays? If you think the markets are being manipulated, I think you are right and I can say […]

812, 2014

Blue Point Trading Daily Market View – December 08, 2014

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Bill Gross, Hypocrite? Bill Gross, the “Bond King,” announced his departure for the Janus Capital Group recently, after his long 43 year history with PIMCO. He recently has come out with amazing statements – you guessed it, another 1%er ready […]

511, 2014

Blue Point Trading Market View – November 05, 2014

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Fed Yammering Index, Says What? First of all just what is the Fed Yammering Index? It is just a simple word count of the Fed statement. The idea is that the more words, the more the Fed is at work […]

2110, 2014

Blue Point Trading Market View – October 21, 2014

By |October 21st, 2014|General|9 Comments

Yellen Wealth Inequality, Liar or Clueless? Janet Yellen, Chairperson of the US Federal Reserve, has been warning about inequality for a while, telling Congress in February and in May that it was a “disturbing” trend – and that inequality tends […]