901, 2015

Blue Point Trading Daily Market View – January 09, 2015

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Euro, Ready to Fall Off a Cliff in 2015? As we watch the Euro start 2015 on the back foot, many a trader, trying to catch the falling knife, wonder just how low the Euro can go? Goldman Sachs says […]

2101, 2014

Blue Point Trading Market View – January 21, 2014

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Greece, a window into the EU future? The Greek economy is on the floor, but their budget situation is getting better – I suppose its easier to budget when the amounts are near zero. Greece expects the Eurozone to provide […]

1010, 2012

Blue Point Trading Market View – October 10, 2012

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Fighting fraud – the “Lagarde List” – hazardous to your health. The so-called “Lagarde List” –  the name given by the Greek press to a list containing 1,991 names of wealthy, Swiss-bank-account-possessing Greeks who are being investigated for corruption and tax evasion – […]

709, 2012

Blue Point Trading Market View – September 07, 2012

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Troika is doing what 10 panzer divisions couldn’t do in WWII. A confidential email to the Greek Ministries of Finance and Labor from international lenders putting up $325 billion in two bailouts to keep the economy from failing, states that […]

1107, 2012

Blue Point Trading Market View – July 11, 2012

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The Greeks are such wimps. No I am not talking about being tough in a bar room brawl – rather standing up to the Trioka. The Greeks are running in fear of banksters. Greece’s three-party coalition government will try to […]

1806, 2012

Blue Point Trading Market View – June 18, 2012

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What the Greeks could learn from Iceland. Five years of a financial take over of Iceland had made Iceland, (population 320 thousand), one of the richest countries in the world. In 2003 all the country’s banks were privatized, and in […]