Blue Point Trading Market View – May 09, 2013

Tuesdays the best day for the bulls. Why? – because the Dow Jones industrial average has risen every Tuesday going back to Jan. 18. That’s 17 straight weeks, a streak that includes May 7, when t…

Blue Point Trading Market View – May 01, 2013

The real reason stocks are going up – supply and demand. Duh? No really, as we have suspected organizations (government and industry) simply have not been issuing securities to satisfy the hunger for…

Blue Point Trading Market View – April 01, 2013

April fools – people are dreadful at investing. But don’t fear, you have celebrity investors like Jim Cramer to help you. There have been many articles written on stock picking for the reta…

Blue Point Trading Market View – December 14, 2012

Global stock markets 2012 YTD – how are we doing? In the thumbnail we highlight the QTD and YTD stock market returns for 77 countries around the world. Through today, the average country in t…

Blue Point Trading Market View – June 01, 2012

What does the current 2012 Bonds vs Stocks yield picture tell us? For the first half of the 20th century, equities consistently yielded more than bonds in the United States, before the 30-year bond…

Bluepoint daily market view – February 20, 2012

Who is right stocks or bonds? As you can see, the S&P and the 10-year yield moved closely together up until about last December, when the stock market started taking off, and the yield stayed…

Bluepoint daily market view – October 11, 2011

Earnings to boost stocks even higher. The stock market is riding a wave of renewed optimism as investors fearing Europe, keep buying on anticipation of another stellar earnings quarter for stocks.

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