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2701, 2015

Blue Point Trading Daily Market View – January 27, 2015

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Sell Alert, US Stocks Ready to Crash in 2015? Oh la la, quite the bombastic headline. Especially after President Obama told us last week in the US State of the Union address how wonderful everything is. He chided the cynics […]

501, 2015

Blue Point Trading 2015 Yearly Market View

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Market predictions 2015. As the year turns once again, many now are turning to a review of the past year, but more importantly try to know where we are going in the future. So at Blue Point Trading we put […]

2611, 2014

Blue Point Trading Daily Market View – November 26, 2014

By |November 26th, 2014|Daily Market View|1 Comment

Stocks Ready to Crash in 2014? The equity markets have just continued to climb and climb all year. Each dip just gets bought. Are we nearing the top? I have two points that maybe indicating that we are near.

The first […]

2309, 2014

Blue Point Trading Market View – September 23, 2014

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Market Top 2014? – QE vs. SP500. The Fed this past week clearly indicated that QE will end in October, barring any unforeseen data points. Many have felt that the stock market rise has been primarily fueled by this QE. […]

309, 2014

Blue Point Trading Market View – September 03, 2014

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Stock Market Bubble is Hissing. Societe Generale’s Albert Edwards warns that the forces that have been driving the market forward are not only unstable, but they’re also about to reverse.

Albert Edwards writes, “The equity bubble has disguised the mountain of […]

1306, 2014

Blue Point Trading Market View – June 13, 2014

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World Cup 2014 – Will it effect the markets? As the excitement builds on the start of the 2014 FIFA World Cup games in Brazil, inevitably people often ask the question, does this really help the host country? Brazil has […]