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Who is Blue Point Trading?

Blue Point Trading is a global boutique proprietary trading firm that helps individuals from every background and spectrum around the world become successful in the markets. BPT provides above average trading returns for its private investors and we have put in place an “engine” to recruit, train and build a team of traders via our unique Bluepoints Trader Programme.
We believe in the principle of “The power of the many is greater than the power of one.” This allows us to profit in all market conditions at a lower risk – as different trading strategies at different times can provide from a team of traders.
We operate trading floors worldwide in 4 countries and 6 remote locations. Find out more about our Offices by clicking here.
Our promise to successful traders: Guaranteed and increased monthly trader payouts from the beginning of their BPT trader career.
We also vouch for a cutting edge and turnkey Trading Infrastructure as well as an individual support from our Trade Floor Managers for all BPT Traders.

What our Trader’s say

I’d recommend Blue Point Trading and there Trading Programme to Novice, Intermediate, and Advance Traders. They focus on quality over quantity, aiming to build successful & consistent traders. Great team, very helpful, and knowledgeable. Looking for to much success with Blue Point Trading.
Dustin W. Wright , Blue Point Trader Virtual Office
The program brings a fabulous opportunity for an additional income at the most convenient way possible. It also offers an extensive training which includes all the basic information you need to become a trader. Traders are given the knowledge to create their own strategies and be on top of the game. Loving it so far!
Hannah Le , Blue Point Trader Ontario, Canada
Ho conosciuto la società’ Blue Point trading su Internet, per curiosità’ ho deciso di provare. Debbo dire che sono rimasto piacevolmente sorpreso. Efficienza, competenza, assistenza prolungata ed istantanea, sono le cose che hanno influenzato il mio giudizio. Senz’altro consigliata.
Graduato Antonio, Blue Point Trader Italy Virtual Office
The Bluepoints Programme has helped me to become more successful, more consistent, and more profitable. I would recommend Blue Point Trading to everyone who is looking to become a trader.
Lucas Ch., Blue Point Trader Virtual Office