A unique proprietary trading firm, founded in 2009

Blue Point Trading is a unique, global, boutique proprietary trading firm. Our goal is to offer a training service to new and existing traders, aimed at improving their success in the Forex and CFD markets.  Our philosophy is rooted in strong core values: transparency, trustworthiness, team-work and aggressive risk management of private investors’ funds.

How do we provide above-market performance in tandem with aggressive risk management? We do so in three ways, primarily.
Firstly, we spread the risk of our funds over a team of traders and trading strategies. Consequently, no single trader can harm the fund. This allows us to profit in all market conditions, as different trading strategies are appropriate at different times. We believe the power of many is greater than the power of one. Secondly, we have new technology in place to ensure that traders adhere to strict targets and controls (via our real-time risk manager). We also provide Trader Tools (i.e. Trade Plans in the Trader Toolbox or in the  educational aspect of our Trader Trainee Programme for enrolled Trader Trainees) to facilitate trader success. Finally, Blue Point Trading has in place an engine that recruits and builds a strong, competent team of traders. We accomplish this via our unique Trader Trainee Programme.

As many followers of Blue Point Trading and experienced traders know well, there is no Holy Grail in trading. Trading is a challenging job, which commonly demands full-time commitment. Blue Point Trading does not have any one specific trade trigger; neither does it seek one.

Every potential trader has something to offer – from the novice to the most experienced trader. We do not just offer trader training; we also understand what makes a good trader and we have the ability to manage and coach traders and to unlock their full potential while generating income for the trader, our investors and Blue Point Trading.

Who is Blue Point Trading

Blue Point Trading is a global, boutique proprietary trading firm that helps people around the world to become successful in the markets. BPT provides above-average trading returns for its private investors. The company has in place an engine to recruit, train and build a team of traders via our unique Trader Trainee Programme.

Underlying our philosophy is the belief that “the power of many is greater than the power of one”. Our adherence to this principle allows us to profit in all market conditions at a lower risk because the diversity inherent in a team of traders allows for different trading strategies at different times.

We operate trading floors worldwide in four countries and in nine remote locations. Find out more about our offices by clicking here.

Our promise to successful traders: guaranteed and increased trader payouts from the start of their BPT trader career. Ultimately, we want to recruit from our programme as many Principal and Senior Traders as possible, while simultaneously adhering to our risk management principles.

Our History

Founded by William Thompson and Julius van Sambeck in 2009, Blue Point Trading has a rich 6 year experience it can look back to. After the successful launch of a Virtual Office for beginning and experienced Traders, we quickly recognised the need and demand for physical trade floor presences around the world to globally recruit, train and gather a team of traders. As a result, we started our internationalisation and continue to add new trade floors around the world. Please review our Offices page for more information on our locations.

Meet the Team

Julius van Sambeck Managing Director
Julius van Sambeck is the managing director of Blue Point Trading. Mr van Sambeck has a long history of managing a variety of advisory commodity interest accounts as well as his own, personal accounts. He holds a Series 3 licence.
William ThompsonIT Director
William Thompson has been an avid derivatives day trader for the past decade and has a unique understanding of market fundamentals. He has utilised this understanding and applied it to market technicals in order to put together winning trading strategies that consistently generate above-market performance and trading profits.
Lukas HoferMedia Director
Lukas J. Hofer focuses on finance, business, economics and security policy. He pursued a professional career in the financial sector and worked for Deutsche Bank in the structured finance division before joining Blue Point Trading. In addition to his considerable business and financial acumen he gained insight into and knowledge of international conflicts and security policy during his service in the German Armed Forces.
Krishna VeniFloor Manager – Hyderabad, India
Krishna Veni is an aerospace engineer who graduated at the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. As far as Krishna is concerned, trading is the best job in the world. She believes all students should be exposed to trader training that equips them with the knowledge to make informed financial decisions in their future careers. With this vision in mind, she opened a Blue Point Trading office in Hyderabad to enable ordinary people to become successful traders.
Serban Ionut Floor Manager – Romania
Serban Ionut has been an active trader since 2010. He specialises in EUR/USD futures and equity options. He enjoys the personal fulfilment and the challenging environment that the trading lifestyle offers. He is passionate about encouraging young people to become successful traders. Inspired by this passion, he opened the Blue Point Trading office in Craiova, Romania. He believes a sound trading knowledge enhances people’s chances of success in business and in life.
Jason BerryFloor Manager – Ontario, CA
Jason Berry is a multi-faceted entrepreneur and professional day trader from the Toronto area in Canada. He is the founder and CEO of Berries Investment Corporation, a company that provides an array of financial services, education and resources. His is passionate about working with fellow traders, from novices to professionals, and aims to empower them in knowledgeable, co-operative trading teams that maximize the opportunities provided at Blue Point Trading.
Hitendra PatilFloor Manager – Pune, India
Hitendra Patil is a first-generation entrepreneur who manages an IT-enabled services company in Pune, India. He is adamant that trading is the best job in the world, as it allows people to work independently in their own comfort zone. His business acumen prompted him to start a Blue Point Trading office in Pune. His aim is to offer earning opportunities to those who are willing to work smart and who wish to be their own boss.
Panot Jitgaroon Floor Manager – Chiang Mai, TH
Panot Jitgaroon is a hedge fund manager at Riccio Investment and a fund manager of the Mudley Group. After having completed two years of sophisticated investment training in the US, Mr. Panot served as a trader and analyst at Altera Partners Management from 2008 to 2010. Altera Partners Management is an investment management company, based in London. Panot left Altera Partners Management in 2011 to join the Mudley group, a partner of Blue Point Trading. He is also the co-founder of Riccio Investment Limited.
Dipendu PradhanFloor Manager – Kolkata, India
Dipendu Pradhan is a professionally qualified ACS, CMA & CFA (ICFAI University). He was employed by multi-national corporations such as Cargo Partner Logistics, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation and HSBC. An after-hours interest in trading turned into a full-time job when he exchanged a corporate career for trading. He is a full-time trader in Forex and Global Indices and also manages the funds of private investors.
Jennifer Hao Recruiter - Virtual Office
Jennifer Hao believes that the financial markets are a true gift, as anyone from any walk of life has the opportunity to succeed. She has gained insightful experience working at TD Wealth and TD Asset Management before joining BPT. She also runs a social trading network online with thousands of members, encouraging peer-2-peer support. Jennifer joined BPT as she genuinely supports the performance-focused approach used to guide traders.

Blue Point Trading – Legal Entity

Blue Point Trading Worldwide Ltd. is a registered business entity in the British Virgin Islands. 

Blue Point Trading uses the brokerage services of Pepperstone, Global Prime and Interactive Brokers (UK), who are global online providers of foreign exchange and derivatives trading to retail and institutional customers world-wide. In addition, Blue Point Trading is an introducing broker for Pepperstone and FX Choice

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