abyn-jesus-trade-floor-manager-kochi-indiaBlue Point Trading – Kochi, India. Blue Point Trading proudly announces the opening of the Blue Point Trading office in Kochi, India. Kochi, formerly Cohin, is the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka. Located on the south west coast of India, it is a major port city by the Arabian sea and the Laccadive Sea. The city itself has about 612.000 residents while the urban agglomeration is home to approximately 2.1 million people.

Blue Point Trading Kochi has teamed up with Quantlogic Trading to provide new and advanced Traders with the opportunity to learn to trade from Quantlogic’s state of the art offices in Kochi.

Quantlogic, an International company with further offices in London and New York provides world leading market timing analytics to Banks, Institutions and Traders all around the world.

Let us introduce you to the Trade Floor manager there, Mr. Abyn Jesus. Abyn’s passion for trading turned him from a former senior software engineer into a full time trader. As a user of BPT and Quantlogic Edge’s analytics, nobody is better placed to introduce you to all the advantages this powerful program has to offer. Abyn is fully supported by a highly professional team with decades of trading experience together with the full resources of BPT and Quantlogic!

By Collaborating with Blue Point Trading – Quantlogic is able to provide Traders with the ability to trade using Quantlogic Edge without putting personal capital at risk.

The offices also act as as International hub for BPT traders not served by other offices,  who are looking to trade from a state of the art Trading facility with all of Quantlogic’s powerful market timing analytics. The offices include dedicated training facilities run by both Indian and western traders. 

Quantlogic Edge is a very powerful collaborative analytics platform that is powered by algorithms, giving you a unique market perspective not seen by 99.99% of traders. Add to this the power of being able to view real time research from Quantlogic’s own analysts and fellow traders – you will not have the feeling of being alone. Instead, you will be part of a team that has all the resources to help you achieve your goals! Becoming a successful trader is a challenge and the Kochi office wants to provide all traders with all tools possible to conduct their trading effectively and efficiently. Please wish all well in this endeavour and contact the office to find out more information.


Announcement: New Trading Floor in Kochi, India for South of India

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