tom cruise walmartTom Cruise – Walmart is awesome, especially for women. The large retail corporation, Walmart held its annual shareholder meeting last week in a college sports arena in Fayetteville, Ark., to accommodate the 14,000 people who attended, along with a number of A-list celebrities. First up was Hugh Jackman.

“Hello, world of Walmart,” the Wolverine movie star said. “We have a very, very special guest joining us this morning. Someone who feels very passionate about big issues facing our world and is truly impressed by what Walmart is doing to address those concerns.” (Drum roll, please…) Its Tom Cruise!

Once the crowd’s cheers died down, the Mission Impossible star delivered a speech touching upon how the company is “using its size and scale to improve women’s lives across the world …” Touching huh? Didn’t quite get the women comment at first, but considering a Google search using the key words: “Walmart women lawsuit” yielding over 28 million search results, it starts to make sense. Perhaps women just think Tom is cute and it was a way to connect with them?

Singers Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, John Legend and Prince Royce also took the stage to perform their hit songs. Previous celeb appearances include Justin Timberlake, Will Smith, Mariah Carey and Taylor Swift. Why all the fan fare and celebrities? Just a paid year-end party for the Walmart elite?

“We do not pay performance fees for celebrity guests,” Walmart spokesperson Dianna Gee said, adding that the company does cover hotel and travel expenses, but otherwise pays celebrities only in exposure for their latest projects. Yes, it boosts DVD sales at a retailer that has over 20% of the US retail market. You either do as Walmart asks, or forget about selling anything into the American market.

Walmart would very much rather you pay attention to the fancy celebrities that showed up and smiled for the cameras, than you to look at the working conditions in its slave factory sweatshops across the third world. They even get the celebrities to work for free. And the workers in their $37 per month jobs, risking their lives with potential factory fires and collapses in Bangladesh slave shops complain? Poor Tom Cruise having to sell his soul, just to sell a few DVDs. It’s tough being a star nowadays. Being a monopoly has its advantages.

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