MC-10-04-2017Morning Call: April 10, 2017 Egypt Palm Sunday ISIS attack kills 45. Stockholm truck attack kills 4, Oslo bomb found. Other recent events keeping a world unhinged:

  • Al Shabaab Mogadishu kill 15
  • Kashmir protests kill 9
  • French uncovered 3.5tn of ETA weapons
  • 1000s protests in Venezuela
  • Greek pensioners protest against cuts
  • Serbia sees sixth-day of anti-corruption protests
  • China protests to India over Dalai Lama visit
  • 20 US cities protest anti-war Trump-Syria
  • Hackers release NSA tools, punish Trump for ‘abandoning’ base
  • 1000s protest for Korean ex-President
  • Philippines’ Duterte sends troops to unoccupied islands
  • Japan moves on 273 islands
  • Malaysia and Indonesia join dispute
  • India 34-mile builds road to disputed border with China
  • 50,000 march in Peru against gender violence
  • Ecuador election dispute
  • Massive asteroid approaches April 19th
  • 7 Dead, 17 wounded In Chicago weekend shootings
  • Trump assassin on the loose

US strike group moves toward Korean peninsula. Putin’s Russia is back in Nicaragua. China to make ‘joint efforts’ on capital controls. Markets comfortable with geopolitical chess, so far.

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Blue Point Trading Morning Call: April 10, 2017

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