Do you take a lunch break? Today’s fast-paced work environment and sluggish economy have left many employees with more work and less time to do it, making the once-cherished midday lunch break a disappearing option. Only a third of American workers say they take a lunch break, according to a Web survey conducted last year by Right Management, a human resources consulting firm. The survey also found that 65% of workers eat at their desks or don’t take a break at all. CareerBuilder, another employment consultant, found that less than one-fifth of executives surveyed ate lunch at a sit-down restaurant, about 40% take a brown-bag lunch and 17% eat fast food.

Experts say taking an uninterrupted meal break is healthy, increases job efficiency and improves morale, benefiting both employees and their companies. Research on creativity and productivity shows a lot of good stuff comes about when employees get away from their work and their desks, and smart managers and smart companies find a way to make that happen.

So what about traders? Endless hours in front of screens looking at each pip that moves is mind numbing. So yes we need breaks, for nothing else but to clear our minds – and stop over trading. In addition it might help our health. Healthy minds make better decisions. So yes, your assignment is to start taking a proper lunch break. If you can not afford a restaurant, from your millions in trading profits, at least make you lunch and sit at a table and eat properly. One thing you can learn from socialist France is, that the French do know how to take a proper lunch break. Not everything in America is better.

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