Are you happy? Gallup measured positive emotions in 148 countries and areas in 2011 using five questions. These questions ask people whether they experienced a lot of enjoyment the day before the survey and whether they felt respected, well-rested, laughed and smiled a lot, and did or learned something interesting.

The average percentage of respondents worldwide who said “yes” to these five questions reflects a relatively upbeat world. Gallup found that 85% of adults worldwide felt treated with respect all day, 72% smiled and laughed a lot, 73% felt enjoyment a lot of the day, and 72% felt well-rested. The only emotion that less than half of people worldwide reported experiencing was getting to learn or do something interesting the previous day, at 43%. Despite many global challenges, people worldwide are experiencing many positive emotions. Looking for some correlations in this data, it seems that these Latin countries seem to know how to have fun and focus more on relationships then worrying to much about the financial aspects. Hmmm … something here to be learned here. Here is the list of the top 10 countries.

2012 happiness survey 10 highestThis data may surprise analysts and leaders who solely focus on traditional economic indicators. Residents of Panama, which ranks 90th in the world with respect to GDP per capita, are among the most likely to report positive emotions. Residents of Singapore, which ranks fifth in the world in terms of GDP per capita, are the least likely to report positive emotions. See here the 10 lowest countries.

2012 happiness survey 10 lowestThe correlations for the bottom 10 seem to be countries at war and/or experiencing oppression from corruptions in their countries (ex-Soviet block countries. The take away here is that people don’t necessarily want to be rich – rather peaceful and free.

During these holidays one often/should reflect on the past year. For us traders perhaps we can do a personal list (sort of a trader’s New Years resolutions list) of the good things we have done and the bad. Hopefully to continue the good things in 2013 and drop the bad of 2012. One thing I have done has been to review the Blog Archive of Blue Point Trading and take stock of the posts we done and see ways to improve. Afterwards, let’s stop dreaming of the past and get ready for a great trading year for 2013 – it could rocky. In the January 2, post I will have 2013 predictions – stay tuned. In the mean time, I wish you and your family a very happy holidays.

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