An opportunuity for experienced Traders to be fast tracked for higher Capital Funding 

BP Relations

Blue Point Relations is a subsidiary of Blue Point Trading Worldwide Ltd. – our main FX + CFD Proprietary Trading company established in 2009. Unlike Blue Point Tradng, BP Relations attempts to facilitate the direct bridge between experienced, consistently profitable FX + Futures Traders and our selective Equity Partners that are looking to diversify their capital into “active Trader Profiles“.

Investor Services

As an investor service company, BP Relations currently maintains partnerships with qualified Equity Partners who are based mostly within Switzerland. We maintain a wide network of High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) and Asset Managers that look for above average risk adjusted returns in adding individual Trader Profiles to their asset composition. 



At least 3 years experience in the FX or Futures Markets as a discretionary or systematic Trader. 


One  year (preferably longer) of continued Track Record of their own individual or Managed Account (s) – preferrably audited by an independent consulting firm 


Preferrably an Academic Background in Business, Economics or
Finance related studies


A business professional attitude and preferrably some work experience in some Finance related workfield.  


Does my track record need to be independently audited?
While it is not a necessity to have any track record independently audited, we generally prioritize those Profiles with as much third party verification as possible. This includes prior auditing by one of the “top-four” consulting firms or other independent means of third party verification.
I have been trading individual Stocks successfully for many years but have no experience in the FX or Futures markets. Am I still eligible to apply?

While we primarily seek to match FX and Futures Traders, please feel free to get in touch with us below and we shall evaluate your Profile on an individual basis. 

Do you require me to sign any kind of exclusivity provision as part of trading Managed Account (s)?

No – in general our Equity Partners do not ask you to sign an Agreement that contains an exclusive provision. That means, you are free to seek other sources of capital, and also continue to trade your own account in the process. 

Do I physically need to travel upon successful Introduction to one of your Equity Partners?

Yes – in general you will be asked to physically visit them. As most of our partners are based in Zurich, Switzerland  you will have excellent flight connections to the heart of Europe. 

What kind of Trading Platform and Risk Management procedures are being used?

You will be advised about the specifics of the provided Trading Platform, as well as risk management specifications upon successful introduction. 

I do not have an academic background but I have managed to self educate myself and my trading skills are self taught. Would I still be eligible?

While an Academic Background is preferred, we do look at every individual Profile on a case-by-case basis and will then decide on the eligbility. 

Are you also looking for systematic Traders with a programmed Trading Strategy?

Yes – we look for both discretionary and systematic trading strategies. However and if you are a systematically based Trader, please keep in mind that you eventually need to adapt to a new Programming language of the selected Trading Platform of our Equity Partner (s). 


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