BPT Trader Trainee Programme – BPT Support Trading is difficult enough, but as well, traders need to master their trading environments from a technical and operational view point. Most traders tend to be savvy with these issues, though often do require additional support. Supporting traders in the BPT Trader Trainee Programme is paramount for your success. The idea here is to provide information on a self-help basis more quickly via a Knowledge Base, as opposed to submitting a BPT Support ticket and waiting for, what is a generally reasonable response time response, though one still often must wait. That being said, if one should need support from BPT, by all means do not hesitate to request this support.

Please follow the following steps to obtain answers to your questions or issues concerning BPT:
  1. Browse our support Knowledge Base (use key word search feature) for an article that very well may answer your question. To view the Knowledge Base, the user must register under the My Area tab to gain access.
  2. If your question is not answered in our Knowledge Base, then continue to submit a BPT Support ticket.
The Knowledge Base will be built up over time, as new common BPT Support issues arise. It is our belief that if you use the Knowledge Base, it will answer most of a trader’s questions.
When submitting a ticket to BPT please include:
  • Your Name – required to submit a ticket.
  • Email – required to submit a ticket.
  • Your trader account number.
  • A complete description of your issue. If it is an installation issue, this should include the step in the User Guide where you have an issue. If your question is on a specific trade, please ensure you state the MT4 ticket number and/or the Bluepoints number associated with the trade in question.
  • A screen shot exposing the area of your issue. If it is an installation issue, this should include the entire view of the MT4.

Depending on the severity of the request, the ticket will be responded to within a few hours if considered high priority, within 24 hours for medium priority or 48 hours for other requests. BPT may alter the priority of the submitted ticket.

Note: Generally BPT will try to resolve issues via the BPT Support ticket system first (email responses). If we still can not resolve the issue, please be ready for a BPT Support staff member to connect to your PC for a screen share session (BPT will initiate the screen share invite when appropriate).

Please note the reference links below for common Blue Point Trading tools to be used in the BPT Trader Trainee Programme. Click here, or watch below this short video presentation of some initial basic information needed to obtain BPT Support if you should need it.

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BPT Trader Trainee Programme – BPT Support

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