Dear Trader Trainees and BPT Followers,

Please kindly take note that there is going to be a change in the pip/tick size calculation of the tradeable instrument “Gold“ and as part of our Trader Trainee Programme.

The envisioned changes are as follows:
Change of Pip / Tick Size from : $ 1 to $0.25 
Change of BPT Spread / Slippage from : $1.00 to $0.50 
Enforced Max. Stop Loss = $10 or 40 Pips/Ticks 
As a way of example: An effective move in Gold from $1250.00 to $1270.00 in the new pip/tick size calculation will now yield 80 Pips (- 2 Pips slippage) instead of the previously calculated 20 Pips. 

Please note that these changes will start to take into effect as of May 30.  For further information, please visit our “tradeable instruments” through the following reference page —>

Kind Regards,
The BPT Management Team

Change in Tradeable Instrument Specification: Gold

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