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Join our growing Trader Team in Athens, Greece

Blue Point Trading Romania recruits the smartest guys to trade for the company financial assets into a program that proposes to make you a better trader. This program consists into a learning process and also the chance to trade and learn to trade without requiring the personal risk capital. We propose to make a team of traders which can make profits over the long term. The traders are our partners and are encouraged to share there personal ideas. We promote innovation, analytical thinking and team working in a challenging environment. Our key to success are the persons that work for the company.
We are looking for individuals that are willing to learn to trade in financial markets and also for persons that want to make money without using their own trading capital.
We are offering the opportunity to trade in the financial markets which is the most challenging and yet most rewarding business.

Join our growing Trader Team in Athens, Greece

Compania noastra este specializata in tranzactionarea de instrumente financiare derivate la CME. Tranzactionam derivate pe indicele S&P 500, derivate pe diverse perechi valutare cat sip e petrol.De asemenea recrutam personae inteligente care sa tranzactioneze pentru companie in cadrul unui program ce-si propune sa te faca un trader mai bun. Acest program consta intr-un modul de invatare cat si oferirea sansei de a tranzactiona efectiv pe pietele financiare fara ca traderul sa contribuie cu propriul capital de tranzactionare. Ne propunem formarea unei echipe de trader care sa realizeze profit pe termen lung. Treaderii sunt partenerii nostri si incurajam creativitatea in cadrul echipei. Promovam creativitatea, gandirea analitica si lucrul in echipa intr-un mediu provocator. Cheia noastra catre succes o reprezinta persoanele din cadrul companiei. Cautam personae care doresc sa invete sa tranzactioneze cat si personae care vor sa castige bani fara a contribui cu propiul capital de tranzactionare.
Oferim oportunitatea de a tranzactiona pe pietele financiare care reprezinta cea mai provocatoare afacere.

Join our growing Trader Team in Athens, Greece

Our Trading Floor in Romania

Our Manager in Craiova, Doji

Office Location

Contact Info

St Romul no 2, T3C, et 5, ap 14
Craiova, Doji – Romania

Phone: +40 735306925
Secondary Phone: +44 7459701176


Trade Floor Administrator

Mr. Serban Ionut,
MBA and PHD in Economics
University of Craiova, Romania

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an educational programme involved in the programme?

As part of the programme and after your enrollment, you will begin an intensive trader education in our office in Romania. Our approach will be different and we will give you what you need to be successful, but not too much clutter that will only serve to confuse you and get you off into tangents. A time and place will be announced as classes are formed. For further information, please contact your local Trade Manager by filling out contact form above or writing an email to

Is a university degree required for the programme?

Though not required, it would be useful to have some education in the area of mathematics, economics and financial markets. Request an interview with your trade floor manager to ensure suitability of your candidature and please read in detail the Bluepoints Trader Programme Rules to ensure you understand all aspects of the trading programme.

Is there any cost required for the enrollment into the programme?

Yes, a one-time enrollment fee of $325.00 (US) for a Standard account or $425.00 (US) for a Pro account is required. No capital contribution is required and you may enroll directly online on this web page or contact the trade floor manager for other arrangements.

Am I guaranteed to start live trading?

You are guaranteed to start trading on a live virtual account in our Bluepoints Trader Programme. After enrollment and once you have formulated your trading strategies, you are ready to start trading live. Please then signal your trade floor manager that you want to start, as they must change your account status from Demo to Active.

Is there any kind of software required to start the programme?
We supply all the necessary software from our partner broker and your trade floor manager will provide you with all details how to get started.

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