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Mudley – Blue Point Trading is co-founded by Mr. Panot Jitgaroon, a Hedge fund manager who has an experience in the business for over 10 years. Our company is headquartered in the heart of Chiang Mai, the most culturally significant and peaceful city in northern Thailand.

The aim of this Trading Floor is to accelerate the skills of Thai Traders to an international level by putting together Traders who were well- trained from the Mudley group and a trading structure from Blue Point Trading. Our Training program takes traders through an intensive training structure over 3 months in which traders develop a fundamental understanding of major asset classes and are taught a high level of risk management by trading and learning from the real market movements around the globe.

The essence of our Trading Operation is to protect capital as well as emphasis on continuous profitability which is more important than to focus on enormous short term returns.

Mudley – Blue Point Trading’s support to the trader comes with the intention to establish a Training Program that provides the necessary knowledge of the mechanics of Trading, a markets perspective and a good attitude and discipline for Thai Traders. It also gives everyone the opportunity to test drive trading by using Blue Point Trading’s infrastructure and receiving real returns without taking risks.

Office Location

3/2 Moo 7, T. Yang Noeng, A. Saraphi, Chiang Mai, Thailand ตำบล สารภี 50140
Phone: +66-818087134
Mr. Panot Jitgaroon
Location: 3/2 Moo 7, T. Yang Noeng, A. Saraphi, Chiang Mai
Phone: +66-818087134

Our Trading Floor in Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Frequently Asked Questions 

As part of the programme and after your enrollment, you will begin an intensive trader education in our office in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Our approach will be different and we will give you what you need to be successful, but not too much clutter that will only serve to confuse you and get you off into tangents. A time and place will be announced as classes are formed. For further information, please contact our local Trade Manager by filling out the above contact form or writing an email to
Though not required, it would be useful to have some education in the area of mathematics, economics and financial markets. Request an interview with our trade floor manager to ensure suitability of your candidature and please read in detail the Bluepoints Trader Programme Rules to ensure you understand all aspects of the trading programme.
Yes, a one-time enrollment fee of $195.00 (US) for a Standard account or $300.00 (US) for a Pro account is required. No capital contribution is required and you may enroll directly online on this web page or contact the trading floor manager for other arrangements.
You are guaranteed to start trading on a live virtual account in our Bluepoints Trader Programme. After enrollment and once you have formulated your trading strategies, you are ready to start trading live. Please then signal your trade floor manager that you want to start, as they must change your account status from Demo to Active.
We supply all the necessary software and your trade floor manager will provide you with more details on how to get started.

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