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Join our growing Trader Team in Kochi, India

Blue Point Trading Kochi has teamed up with Quantlogic Trading to provide new and advanced Traders with the opportunity to learn to trade from Quantlogic’s state of the art offices in Kochi. It is the headquarters for all of BPT’s activities in Southern India responsible for Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Quantlogic, an International company with further offices in London and New York provides world leading market timing analytics to Banks, Institutions and Traders all around the world.

The Trade Floor Manager is Nikhil Prakash. As a user of BPT and Quantlogic Edge’s analytics, nobody is better placed to introduce you to all the advantages this powerful program has to offer. Nikhil is fully supported by a highly professional team with decades of trading experience together with the full resources of BPT and Quantlogic!

The state of the art offices also act as as International hub for BPT traders not served by other offices, who are looking to trade from a trading facility with all of Quantlogic’s powerful market timing analytics. The offices include dedicated training facilities run by both Indian and Western traders.

By Collaborating with Blue Point Trading, Quantlogic is able to provide Traders with the ability to trade using Quantlogic Edge without putting personal capital at risk. This powerful collaborative analytics platform that is powered by algorithms, gives traders a unique market perspective not seen by 99.99% of their colleagues. Add to this the power of being able to view real time research from Quantlogic’s own analysts and fellow traders means there is no feeling of being alone. Instead, you will be part of a team that has all the resources to help you achieve your goals! Becoming a successful trader is a challenge and the Quantlogic-BluePoint office wants to provide all traders with all tools possible to conduct their trading effectively and efficiently. Contact us below for further information!

Our Trading Floor in Kochi, India

Our Manager in Kochi, India

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Trade Floor Administrator

Name Mr. Nikhil Prakash

Phone +91 99955 84410

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an educational programme involved in the programme?
As part of the programme and after your enrollment, you will begin an intensive trader education in our office in Kochi, India. Our approach will be different and we will give you what you need to be successful, but not too much clutter that will only serve to confuse you and get you off into tangents. A time and place will be announced as classes are formed. For further information, please contact our local Trade Manager by filling out the above contact form or writing an email to
Is a university degree required for the programme?

Though not required, it would be useful to have some education in the area of mathematics, economics and financial markets. Request an interview with our trade floor manager to ensure suitability of your candidature and please read in detail the Bluepoints Trader Programme Rules to ensure you understand all aspects of the trading programme.

Is there any cost required for the enrollment into the programme?

Yes, a one-time enrollment fee of $349.00 (US) for a Standard account, $499.00 (US) for a Pro account or $999.00 for a Development Account applies. No capital contribution is required and you may enroll directly online on this web page or contact the trading floor manager for other arrangements.

Am I guaranteed to start live trading?

You are guaranteed to start trading in the Blue Point Trading – Trader Trainee Programme. After enrollment and once you have formulated your trading strategies, you are ready to start trading live. Please then signal your trade floor manager that you want to start, as they must change your account status from Demo to Active.

Is there any kind of software required to start the programme?
We supply all the necessary software and your trade floor manager will provide you with more details on how to get started.

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