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Standard Account

$349/one-time Enrollment Fee
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Pro Account

$499/one-time Enrollment Fee
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Development Account

$999/one-time Enrollment Fee
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*What happens at the Senior Trader level?

The Bluepoints Dollar for Pips approach is a great way to develop, test and verify your strategy in a safe environment. However, traders moving into a funded futures account face different pressures and challenges in the decision making process, no matter the trader’s experience level. This is why, when you have advanced to a BPT Senior Trader level, you are closely being watched by our Scout team who are manually verifying your consistent and disciplined approach.

In this review period, you are continuing to earn the guaranteed Dollar for Pips amount ($8.00 per Pip for Standard account and $16.00 for Pro Account), upon which you are being introduced to one of our Equity partners (contact us for more details). This is an opportunity to build confidence, adjust to the pressures of closer evaluation, and to continue to prove your strategy and decision making process.

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