Blue Point Trading Ontario is designed to provide beginning and advanced traders the opportunity to discover day trading as a career as well as develop and learn skills in the field.

Jason Berry is a Business Development Manager, Trader & Marketing Coordinator for several financial firms worldwide. He has an educational background in Accounting, Risk Management, Electrical Engineering Technology and Small Business Management.  In addition, Jason obtained financial education from the Canadian Securities Institute of Ontario and the Investment Funds Institute Of Canada.

In the past, Jason experienced a downturn in the financial economy which quickly diminished his years of hard work and savings, this fallout is what lead to his interest in active fund management, financial education and the business of economics.

Due to this impact, Jason has now learned to responsibly manage money while maximize it’s earning potential.  His interest in trading the financial markets provided him with opportunities to attend several financial seminars throughout North America, allowing him to gain insight and formal training from top professionals who manage financial firms and brokerages.

With a vast network of professional coaches, Jason believes that the most important part in becoming a successful Financial Trader is by gaining hands on experience from mentors and quality education. After years of research in the financial industry he is now partnered with Blue Point Trading. He is confident in the success of the Blue Point Trader Training for a profitable career in the foreign currency markets. To date, Jason has accumulated over 10 years experience in learning and applying strategies in trading Stocks, Forex, CFDs, Commodities, and Options and serves as a significant resource for anyone looking to venture into a career in day trading.

Feel free to contact him with any questions or inquires regarding a career in trading the financial markets.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Though not required, it would be useful to have some education in the area of mathematics, economics and financial markets. Request an interview with our trade floor manager to ensure suitability of your candidature and please read in detail the Bluepoints Trader Programme Rules to ensure you understand all aspects of the trading programme.
Yes, a one-time enrollment fee of $349.00 (US) for a Standard account, $499.00 (US) for a Pro account and $1199.00 (US) for a Development Account is required. No capital contribution is required and you may enroll directly online on this web page or contact the trading floor manager for other arrangements.
You are guaranteed to start trading on a live virtual account in our Bluepoints Trader Programme.After enrollment and once you have formulated your trading strategies, you are ready to start trading live. Please then signal your trade floor manager that you want to start, as they must change your account status from Demo to Active.
We supply all the necessary software and your trade floor manager will provide you with more details on how to get started.
Yes – as part of the Pro and Development Account options, there is a free trial of daily Forex Signals – (click here to find out more)

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