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Please note: The Blue Point Trading complimentary “Mini Account” is designed to expose aspiring Blue Point Trading Trader Trainees to the Blue Point Trading framework. It follows the basic framework rules of the Trader Trainee Development Account and every participant has the chance to gain access to 1 Pro Account upon reaching 300 Pips during any 30 day cycle.

Before submission of the form, please further review the precise Trader Programme Rules and confirm to have understood them at the bottom of the enrollment form.

Please also review the Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) at the bottom of the page. 

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Am I allowed to participate more than once in this complimentary Mini Account type?
No – currently the participation for each individual is restricted to once only. If you would like to further engage with our company after your participation, you may like to review our regular Trader Trainee Programme that comes with a one time enrollment fee payment.
What kind of proof of address can I present for the enrollment process?
Generally we accept utility bills, driving licenses, passports and other state issued documents that clearly confirm your current place of residence. Please note that the document must have been issued within the last 3 months of submitting it.
Am I allowed to enroll multiple individuals from the same household?
No – currently it is not possible to let multiple Individuals trade from the same household. Our dedicated support team is monitoring our pre-defined security and fraud mechanism very closely and should we detect more than one account per household, all of the associated accounts will be suspended, in violation to the terms of this Account type.
Will I be given a Manual for the Web Based Trader Version after enrollment?
Yes – after enrollment, a Manual will be made available for you. It can be downloaded from our web based platform.
Once I am successful and achieving trader targets what would be the next step?
After reaching the 300 Pip Profit target, please send by days end “Daily Status Report” to BPT Support for confirmation and you will then be set up with access to the regular Trader Trainee Programme – Pro Account. The e-mail address for our support is as follows: “”

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