18 11, 2016

Blue Point Trading Morning Call: November 18, 2016

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Morning Call: November 18, 2016 Yellen snubs Trump, banker war brewing? Trump transition, chaos or genius? Japan's Abe now likes Trump. US 'Hasn't Gone Too Fast' toward Globalization - Obama. Scenes of panic, Indian currency ban. Dollar is screaming !!! [...]

10 11, 2014

Blue Point Trading Daily Market View – November 10, 2014

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Draghi, ECB Bank Robbery. The European Central Bank's (ECB) latest meeting concluded last week, with no change in interest rates. The ECB head Mario Draghi's language about raising the ECB's balance sheet back to 2012 levels is still in place, [...]

7 07, 2014

Blue Point Trading Market View – July 07, 2014

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BNP, I'm so sorry. France's largest bank BNP Paribas has agreed to a record $9bn settlement with US prosecutors over allegations of sanctions violations. As part of the deal, the bank will plead guilty to two criminal charges of breaking [...]

6 02, 2014

Blue Point Trading Market View – February 06, 2014

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4 Prominent Banker Suicides in a Week? Perhaps I have gone into conspiracy mode lately with some of my Blogs, but things just keep popping up on my radar that are curious. The apparent recent suicide death of the chief [...]

25 11, 2013

Blue Point Trading Market View – November 25, 2013

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Robin Hood - 2.0? The inaugural Robin Hood Investor's Conference just completed with the most influential players in our global economy to debate, discuss and share their views in today's markets. The conference was a who's who in the world [...]

20 03, 2013

Blue Point Trading Market View – March 20, 2013

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Too big to jail - the entitlement society. Eric Holder, the US Attorney General, last week confirmed that the entitlement society of our elites leaders is well in tact. Too big to fail is now even too big too jail. [...]