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25 09, 2015

Blue Point Trading Morning Call: September 25, 2015

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Morning Call: September 25, 2015 Pope Francis extolls US Congress in historic visit (fundamentalism, immigration, abortion, wealth inequality, environment, military exploitation and a call to end capital punishment.), next the UN. 717 pilgrims die in Haj stampede in Mecca, Saudi […]

19 02, 2015

Blue Point Trading Daily Market View – February 19, 2015

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QE Over, Markets Stall, Correlation – Feb, 2015? Here at Blue Point Trading, we do maintain a database of fundamental analysis and we share this information from time to time on our Blog. One data point we watch closely, as […]

9 02, 2015

Blue Point Trading Daily Market View – February 09, 2015

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Roubini: analysis correct, but won’t say the solution. “Unconventional central bank policies, including quantitative easing (QE) have failed to spur either inflation or growth as fiscal austerity continues to bite.” “We live in a world in which there is too […]

26 01, 2015

Blue Point Trading Daily Market View – January 26, 2015

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ECB set to Rob the Citizens of Europe. The European Central Bank (ECB) held rates steady and announced a huge quantitative easing (QE) programme in which it will buy bonds worth €60 billion each month until the end of September […]

8 12, 2014

Blue Point Trading Daily Market View – December 08, 2014

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Bill Gross, Hypocrite? Bill Gross, the “Bond King,” announced his departure for the Janus Capital Group recently, after his long 43 year history with PIMCO. He recently has come out with amazing statements – you guessed it, another 1%er ready […]