Times a’changing at Blue Point Trading Well you may have noticed that Blue and The Morning Call have disappeared for a few weeks now. This has been partly due to my (Blue’s) extended vacation and new changes that are coming to Blue Point Trading. It has been a long, wild and hopefully profitable ride since the inception of Blue Point Trading in 2009. Blue Point Trading has grown considerably, thanks to many of the trading communities support. We thank you for that. But, we must all evolve. The trading community as well as Blue Point Trading. Hence we come to this following announcement.

Blue Point Trading will no longer be soliciting the public for new proprietary traders into it’s Trader Trainee Trader Programme. What does this mean?

  • All existing BPT traders will continue to trade as per their Trader Agreements – no changes.
  • New enrollments will be by “invitation” only.
  • The BPT team (using the BPT brand or another), will be working on potentially new trading venues and programmes more consistent with the trading community it seeks to support, its investors and management strategy.

What happens to Blue and The Morning Call?

  • First, it has been great over the past few years to work with the folks at BPT and you the traders in our market/trading journeys.
  • Blue, as an independent “market mouth piece,” will be working with another team to continue the journey with you. Please click here to see where. Blue and The Morning Call lives on!
  • Blue will continue to support BPT through this transition.
  • Please note, that there is no contractual business relationship between the groups of which Blue works with.

Please feel free to contact Blue Point Trading concerning this topic at: contact@blue-point-trading.com Further forthcoming announcements will come in time. Again thank you for your continuing support for me and Blue Point Trading.

Click here, or watch below a video presentation of this announcement.

Times a’changing at Blue Point Trading

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