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After having completed several weeks of developmental work, we are happy to notify you that our new e-Learning solution is now available as part of the Trader Trainee Programme. Click here to see the announcement. The objective of this course is simple: to assist you in becoming a profitable, successful trader who earns money for yourself and Blue Point Trading in the fastest time possible.

As part of this launch, we thought it might be useful to explain the mechanics and rationale underlying this effort.

First, we have added more content to an e-learning package that already contains valuable insights into the workings of the markets and our trading framework. This process of educational value adding will be continuous.

The e-Learning solution also has a much better look and feel. We have created a responsive web application that will work well for people who are on the go and who wish to access the e-learning solution on a tablet device, for example.

An important element we have added is testing. It is important for us to ascertain if candidates truly understand what they have learnt. So we have created fifteen questions at the end of each module – 150 comprehension questions in total.  Very often people just click through the material, watch a few videos and think, “Sure, I know all that.” These tests will confirm whether you really understand the work or not. The tests are not designed to trick candidates. They are often based on questions we receive frequently while working with traders. The tests have been designed to challenge you and your thinking. Once you are in the process of writing a modular test, you may find that you need to go back to revisit material over which you may have glossed.

Candidates who average an overall score of 70% (across all modules) pass the course. You may retake modular tests, but you will lose ten percentage points on a module result with each successive test retake. We also provide you with a list of questions you got wrong; it is up to you to do further research.

Another notable mechanic of the BPT e-Learning package is our time-on-task tracker. We track the time spent on each module to determine the level of participation. The BPT e-Learning dashboard will reflect the time you have spent interacting with the course material.

Remember, the completion of the BPT e-Learning package is optional and is not a requirement to trade with BPT; however, we strongly recommended that you do participate. We find that those who take the BPT e-Learning course (with comprehension) tend to produce better trading results. And results are what count. 

Candidates who pass the test successfully receive a Certificate of Achievement as reward for their hard work. Passing the test shows the commitment that we look for in traders. Life-long learning is an important aspect of a successful career in trading, and demonstrating the willingness to participate in such learning is definitely a recommendation for those who wish to advance beyond the BPT Trader Trainee Programme to join our partner institutions, where traders enjoy much higher levels of trader capitalisation.

Learn more about the e-Learning solution and catch up on news headlines and technical analysis on the daily YouTube Blue Point Trading Morning Call. See a video presentation of this Trader Tip by clicking here, or watch below.

Trader Tip: BPT’s new eLearning package

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