MT4_Part_1Trader Tip: MT4 EA Part 1 – Basics From time to time we get requests concerning Metatrader’s MT4 Experts Advisors (EA). How do they work? How can I build my own, etc …? So what we thought could be useful, is to put together a few Trader Tips to get you started. This is the start of few that we will try to do. Now it does take some programming experience, but the MT4 language is not difficult and these Trader Tips could be the motivation to get you started. After all, if I can do it, anyone can do it.

In this installment of this Trader Tip series we will discuss the basic MT4 architecture and programming constructs to build our first MT4 EA. These basic constructs include; MT4 basic architecture, MT4 event control, functions, data types, MT4 constants, MT4 variables, MT4 functions (or at least just the beginning) and a brief exercise to get you going. Please provide any feedback on specific topics in this area you would like to see.

Click here to download the presentation material and the sample EA used in this Trader Tip. Click here, or watch below a video representation of Trader Tip: MT4 EA Part 1 – Basics.

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Trader Tip: MT4 EA Part 1 – Basics

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