MT4_PART6Trader Tip: MT4 EA Part 6 – Back Testing This is part 6 (and final) in a series of Trader Tips to help you understand MT4 and building Expert Advisors (EAs). To best understand this Trader Tip, it is recommended that you watch the previous Trader Tips in this series to get the additive understanding. We will take all the learnings from the previous MT4 EA Trader Tips and apply it to build an EA.

In this installment of this Trader Tip series, we will build an EA around our previously built indicator and then learn how to backtest it. We shall discuss the overall development approach, key measurements of a successful EA and some EA back testing “gotchas.” In the Trader Tip exercise, we shall see the effects of adjusting parameters and the effects on EA profitability. Perhaps one will be able to take this EA and build even more intelligence into it, to be able to build that winning EA.

Click here to download the presentation material and the sample EA/Indicators used in this Trader Tip. Click here, or watch below a video representation of Trader Tip: MT4 EA Part 6 – Back Testing.

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Trader Tip: MT4 EA Part 6 – Back Testing

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