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Expectations Filter for Economic News Events

Answering questions related to trading economic news events

Understanding CFD Price Feeds

Why is there a difference in price with various broker’s price feeds?

Opening a Forex Demo Account

Including a video analysis of the question

Trading Mobile at BPT

A look at the Pro and Cons of a Forex Demo Account

Traders Mag

Mobile Trading in our Trader Programme

An insight into our Recruiters

Building and Applying a Trade Plan

Forex Market Profile

Some key required Trader Attributes

Poker Fish

Including the most traded Currencies and Profitability Analysis

Confessions of Prop Trading

Human patterns in technical evolving markets

The Pareto Principle

Making trading decisions based on Heikin Ashi

Using Ubuntu

A wave Pattern to recognise Buy and Sell Programmes…

What and how much Capital you need to become a full time Trader

Including a video analysis of the question

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