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How to catch a Fly

Using superior intelligence in Trade Plan Design Strategy

Time Management

Analyzing the most precious resource we have

Trader Blown Account

A diary of Catching the Falling Knife…

The Ticky Tick Trader

 Losing Trading Strategy?

5 Signs you are a Stubborn Trader

Touching on 5 key points of a negative psychological attribute in Trading

The O’Hare Trade

with a history of CME Prop Traders

Overconfidence and its Effects on Trading

Is exceptionalism the enemy of the good?

Brashness and its effects on Trading

A dive into Traders’ Psychology

Happy People

A look at the correlation between Happiness and Traders Success

Boosting your Morale and Happiness

while increasing your chances to be a more successful Trader

Recognizing the BAD Trader

Reducing Bored, Aggressive and Dumb Trades

Taking a punch in your Trading

Accepting a stop loss to move on…

Tour de Farce

Using Lance Armstrong as an example of Trader Denial

Trader Commitment

There is no Holy Grail to Trading…

Cognitive Thinking Styles

Are you field dependent or field independent?

Evolution vs. Creation

Remaining agnostic until we can see evidence…

Super Heroes are

But are Superheroes also good Traders?

Are you an impatient Trader?

Including a Trader tip on impatience

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