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97p/29/doey/7601/dr04/dr04x22Evolution vs. Creation. Like many, one of my weekend hobbies is to read books on this evolution vs. creation question. Darwin, Dawkins, Hitchens – the cast of evolutionary characters is long. On the creation side, you have of course many religious groups with their numerous theologians and philosophers. One famous critical evolutionary agnostic is David Berlinski  click here to get a sample of his thinking. Berlinski and others are scoffed at by science. If you try to discuss this subject seriously on an internet chat room/forum, you will be quickly denounced as stupid, ignorant and every other foul word the internet has to offer.

Let’s drill down, just a bit on the evolution side of this question. The main thesis of the evolutionist, is that everything can be explained in the natural world. Abiogenesis is their start of life – the natural process by which life arose from non-living matter. After the start of life we have evolution. At the core of evolution is that after some mutation and the subsequent natural selection, new species can develop to create the evolutionary tree of life.

Clearly fossil records show that an evolutionary process has occurred, but not necessarily how. The evolutionary tree of life could just as easily be explained like a software development version-ing tree. Each step required a design by an intelligent agent, naturally selected by the market place. Though rare accidents (software bugs) can happen at a micro level that could have beneficial results, new versions require an intelligent agent of the software designer.

The scientific method is a body of techniques for investigating phenomena, acquiring new knowledge, or correcting and integrating previous knowledge. To be termed scientific, a method of inquiry must be based on empirical and measurable evidence subject to specific principles of reasoning. In other wards evolution must be able to be observed in nature and tested in the lab. We are told that, to deny evolution is to deny gravity. The laws of thermal dynamics (gravity) can be demonstrated quite easily in our 10th grade introduction to physics classes and laboratory experiments. Is this the same for abiogenesis and evolution?

Abiogenesis has not be seen in nature or even performed in the lab, though parts of this process can be demonstrated under human direction. Most evolutionist do not today, debate this assertion. This is why they like to keep this question separate. Evolution? Natural selection and “adaptive mutations” (deletion or rearrangement of existing genetic code), has been documented, even to the point of micro speciation/evolution. But a “positive mutation” (creation of new genetic code) observed in nature to create a new kind of organism? In the lab perhaps, via genetic engineering, but again this is usually from an existing gene pool and requires an intelligent agent, human. One day we maybe able to create new genetic code even abiogenesis, but it will require an intelligent agent once again, human.

Here lies the crux of evolution, the evidence of positive mutations. Most mutations are rare and generally negative and often die soon after. In still fewer cases they can be beneficial. However, one must be careful that a positive mutation is in fact not just masquerading as an adaptive mutation. For example, a weed can develop a resistance to an herbicide via mutation and subsequent natural selection. Wow, a new complex functionality of the weed. It does this by mutating the ability of the herbicide chemical to attach itself to the weed’s enzymes, which stops its photosynthesis process that killed the weed. Evidence of evolution in action? Well hold on here. In fact the mutation was a deletion of genetic code that prevented this chemical herbicide’s ability to attached to the weed’s enzymes in the first place.

Deletion or rearrangement of existing genetic code can give the appearance of new complex organisms. But going from a fish to a bird, will require new genetic code – positive mutations. I do find it quite remarkable to find so few good solid evidences of these positive mutations in nature today. I wonder if they really exist. The creation of something from nothing has always puzzled me with evolution. This however is a very debatable thesis. As a footnote to this Blog post, I am an evolutionary and religious agnostic – I hold no specific biases. The study continues.

So what in the world does this got to do with trading? Like the debate of evolution vs. creation, we must remain agnostic until we can see some observable evidence to get off the fence and take a position. Homework is required. The evolutionary debate can get quite emotional, as it attacks one’s core beliefs. Holding a market bias or even a market position can challenge our emotions and yes attack one’s account balance. Is our market or trading position rational? Are you willing to change after further study or proven wrong? I find that people with too much certitude often make poor traders. This “open minded” thinking is a very hard human trait to develop.

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