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Big Bar Phenomenon

Recognising a price pattern for a potential start of a trend

Momentum Oscillators

Measuring the Rate of Change

Quick Up and Down Warning

Recognising a price pattern for a potential start of a trend

Gartley Patterns

Do Gartley Patterns work or are we going batty?

Bollinger Bands Le Mans

An indicator that sets you in the pace of the Buy and Sell Programmes

Knock Navis Phenomenon

A market change is like turning an oil tanker

V Patterns

An indicator for timing the market

Point & Figure charts

A tried and tested form of Technical Analysis

Blue Market Feeling Strategy

Human patterns in technical evolving markets

Heikin Ashi Charts

Making trading decisions based on Heikin Ashi

Programme Buying/Selling

A wave Pattern to recognise Buy and Sell Programmes…

Support & Resistance

One of the most important indicator in TA

Rally Play

3 Possibilities to choose from

Volume Charts

Helping you to position your orders more accurate

Bollinger Band Squeeze

Including an interesting tool

Supply/Demand Indicator

Including an interesting EA to install

Doji Reversals

including its Order Management

Zig Zag Indicator

More serious than its name would imply…

Break Out Looser

Tested with a back-testing programme

Trading Break Outs

with a Rule of Thumb

High Plains Flag

With a market correcting through time

Time of Day Volatility

Using the Sessions as a Volatility indicator

Pattern Indicator

Stop catching the falling knife…

Spike Types

To filter the bad trades out…

Weekly Breakouts

A careful look at Weekly Breakouts…

One of the most popular Oscillators

Discussed in detail…

Slope Pattern

Understanding the Slope as an Indicator

Elliot Wave

One of the most important indicator in TA

CCI Double Dip Indicator

And building a Trade Plan out of it

Indicator Back Testing

Going back from 1995 to 2009

Divergence Trading

Using standard Indicators to determine Reversals

Mosquito Candle

Don’t let these Mosquitos bite you…


Indicators used for filters…

Oil Pit Closing

Using the Oil Pit closing for a filter…

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