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Bollinger MA

Including Trigger, Filter and Order Management

Support Resistance

Using S/R in a Trade Plan

Inverse Cup and Handle

Price Pattern Trade Plan

Trailing Trigger

for Trending Markets

Dead Cat Bounce

Building a Trade Plan around a Price Pattern

Daily Engulfing Bar Trade Plan

A Low Effort Trigger

3 Crows in the Corn Field

Price Pattern Trade Plan

Parabolic SAR

Trading off a Price Derived Indicator

Wolfe Wave

Based on Gartleys and Wolfe Waves

Ichimoku Clouds

One Look Equilibrium Trade Plan

Engulfing Continuation

Pattern Set Up

Horizontal Breakout

After price at resistance/support

NY Open Scalp

for Ichy Fingers during the Trading Day..

Bollinger Band Coast to Coast

Short Term Scalp Trade

4 Hour Break

Trade a break on major moves during the day

Counter Trend Extention

A Counter Trend Plan – not designed for the Novice Trader

The 10 Bar Rule

Typically after a wedge has built

Trading the break

Catching the big break down/up

Cup and Handle Price Pattern

Using the Cup and Handle pattern to develop a Trade Plan

Higher High and Higher Low

A forward continuation plan

Range Trading Strategies

Using probabilities to your advantage

Buy on the Pullback

A 60 minute Heinken Ashi set-up

Mother Candle

Catch a break from a sudden move

Swing Indicator

Trading with the Swing Indicator

Bollinger Band Counter Trend

Reversing the Bollinger Band Trade

Outside Inside Bar Trigger

A set up for large outside bars

Renko Trend Break Out

A break out strategy to catch the trend

Head and Shoulders Pattern

Using the Head and Shoulders pattern to develop a Trade Plan

BB MA Trigger

Using Bollinger Bands in combination with Moving Averages

Price Clusters

Catching breakouts from from wedging or flagging price action

Lucky Tick Scalp

Designed for all ticky tick traders-not recommended!

1-2-3 Trade Plan

Overcoming the desire to catch a falling knife

Double Top Hangman

Identify a trend reversal in the Making


Using the Flags price pattern to develop a trade plan

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