Trader Trainee Programme for all Trader Applicants

Our Trader Trainee Programme is designed to help turn you into a successful proprietary trader while not requiring you to provide your trading capital.
Our approach allows you to earn monthly increased Trader Payouts and is a way to develop, test and verify your trading strategy in a safe and yet promising environment. We are trying to put your talent and expertise within a framework that allows you to proof yourself in the FX and CFD markets and as part of your success in our Programme and alongside your career advancement to a BPT Senior Trader, you can expect to be introduced to our capitalised Equity Partners.

Our Trading Programme at a Glance

Our successful traders earn trader payouts from the start of the first month of their BPT trading career and during their validation and training of their trader skills. Traders are paid real dollars on the pips earned during their 3 months trial period, while the amount of dollars per Pip increases with each successive month.

Payout rates for each Blue Point Trading career level can be reviewed at the next tab above, “Trade for Pips” or at our Trader Programme Rules.

You trade for Pips on a live virtual account, where trader payouts are based on the results of this account and paid out each month on a Dollars for Pips basis. Our system manages actual positions, risk and lot sizes via our trade-copy algorithms. For the initial three-month period as a Trader Trainee, the Dollar for Pips payout rates are:

Standard Account Pro Account
Trader Trainee – Month 1: $0.25 per Pip $0.50 per Pip
Trader Trainee – Month 2: $0.50 per Pip $1.00 per Pip
Trader Trainee – Month 3: $1.00 per Pip $2.00 per Pip
Once a trader has passed the initial three-month validation trading period, they become a Blue Point Trading Trader with career advancement. The following are the Dollar for Pips payout rates for each Blue Point Trading career level:
Standard Account Pro Account
Trader: $2.00 per Pip $4.00 per Pip
Principal Trader: $4.00 per Pip $8.00 per Pip
Senior Trader: $8.00 per Pip $16.00 per Pip
For further information, please download our Trader Programme Rules by clicking here.

Our specially designed software will track your progress at your home, the office or on the move while our automated risk manager is constantly running to enforce trader discipline. By trading Dollars for Pips on our unique trading system, we take away problematic issues, through the use of strict system trader enforcement rules. In short, it changes your thinking to start trading correctly. We have surprisingly found that this unique approach has significantly improved the results of most Traders.

For further information, please visit our information page on how we enforce trader discipline by clicking here.

As part of the programme, you will be granted access to a turnkey trader education. Our approach will be different and we will give you what you need to be successful, but not too much clutter that will only serve to confuse you and get you off into tangents.

The BPT educational programme includes a 10 module e-Learning Trader Training course , nearly 200 Power Point slides, 2 hours of Videos, Trade Plan Templates, Trade Plan Suggestions, Trader Tips and a Trade Journal Template in our Bluepoints App.

For further information, please visit our information page on our Trader Training Course by clicking here.

Why choose us

  • We provide our Traders an environment of genuine educational and career opportunities.
  • We are not requiring you to provide your own Trading Capital but only a one-time Enrollment Fee.
  • We are a transparent, very team-oriented organisation. Our “engine” to recruit, train and build teams of Traders has been running since 2009.
  • We are not believing in get-rich quick schemes. Trading is hard work, and only the tougher skinned and hard working people with good realistic attitudes will survive.

What our Trader’s say

Blue Point Trading is a unique business opportunity. If you have the drive, passion, discipline and commitment to learn a dynamic international market than this is for you. The training will quickly allow you to learn the essential framework to begin trading. They will teach you fundamental and technical analysis to get started. Demo trading is good to familiarize yourself with the market, however, there is no substitute to live trading.  Having skin in the game is the real test and reward.
Deep Sidhu, Blue Point Trader Ontario, Canada
I’d recommend Blue Point Trading and there Trading Programme to Novice, Intermediate, and Advance Traders. They focus on quality over quantity, aiming to build successful & consistent traders. Great team, very helpful, and knowledgeable. Looking for to much success with Blue Point Trading.
Dustin W. Wright , Blue Point Trader Virtual Office
I approached Blue Points because I was looking to expedite my trading career and break free from my current 9-5. In recent past I had come across different proprietary trading firms, but Blue Points compensation plan is what caught my attention. The program is not a get rich quick scheme, although if consistency is kept and emotions are managed then over time this could replace or supplement your income. I would recommend Blue Points to people who have prior trading knowledge that want to feel the emotions of trading live with minimal risk. 
Rebecca Lu , Blue Point Trader Ontario, Canada

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