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BPT E-Learning Course

The objective of this course is simple: to assist you in rapidly becoming a profitable, successful trader who makes money for yourself and for Blue Point Trading. The course content and design are aimed at people who have some knowledge of trading and financial markets. This course is NOT an “A to Z” of trader basics. Although the course contains some specific trader basics that relate to the Trader Trainee Programme, its main aim is to guide you directly to an understanding of financial markets from both a fundamental and technical point of view.

Our approach differs from other training approaches in that we give you what you need to be successful without swamping you with too much information. We have found that clutter – too much information provided at any given time – only serves to confuse participants.

By following this focused, concise approach we are able to speed up your education. Although we do offer some specific trading strategies, our approach is primarily to teach a structured framework, within which you are encouraged to build trade strategies that fit your personal trading style, while enjoying the safe context provided by working with Blue Point Trading. We build on your existing knowledge and expertise and focus only on what is important – successful trading.


The course material is presented either physically (at different offices around the world) or virtually in an e-learning environment (for remote set up through our Virtual Office). We recommend the face-to-face instructional option because it allows for contact with a qualified instructor, who can expand on the material covered in the course and who can answer pertinent questions that students may have. However, we do realise that physical course attendance may not be feasible for some students because of geographic or financial considerations.

Students who opt for the virtual training option must be aware that they may not experience the same dynamic that an interactive classroom offers, but may still glean valuable advice on trading by engaging with the slide presentation in a focused and in-depth manner. Students who enroll virtually are encouraged to engage comprehensively with each slide and to absorb as much information as possible.

The Blue Point Trading course is a two-phase process. Phase 1 is the educational phase and Phase 2 is the application of the educational principles the students have mastered in the context of career advancement. This e-Learning course forms part of Phase 1. Watch the following video to learn more.

Watch the video below for an explanation on our e-Learning Trader Education

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Our e-Learning Trader Training Course Syllabus:

Title Description
Module 01 Introduction to Markets and Fundamental Analysis Introduction to the course. Introduction to the market environment, the players and the instruments students will trade. An overview of the fundamental analysis of factors that influence markets.
Module 02 Technical Analysis An introduction of the basic tools used to perform technical analysis. Understanding the pros and cons of the three basic types of indicators used in trading.
Module 03 MT4 Trading Platform An introduction to the MT4 trading platform and its use: Chart package, navigation, Expert Advisors and general use.
Module 04 Order Execution Understanding the basic order types and their use, as they relate to the MT4 trading platform.
Module 05 Bluepoints Trader Programme A detailed description of the Trader Trainee Programme. This includes an understanding of the programme rules, installation and usage.
Module 06 Trade Plan A definition of a trade plan: the trigger, filter and order management. Examples provided.
Module 07 Trade Plan Construction Learn the three basic types of trade plans and understand the pros and cons of each. Students start to construct their own personal trade plans.
Module 08 Refining the Trade Plan An introduction to risk management and advanced order management. Understanding the trade journal and its uses. Students refine and finalize their personal trade plan(s).
Module 09 Practice Trading Day Students start to implement their trade plan(s) and perform trades in accordance with the Blue Point Trading framework.
Module 10 Get Ready to Trade, Trader Psychology and Conclusion Understanding trader psychology and typical pitfalls. Preparation to be released onto the trading floor.

All traders may take part in an optional Trader Trainee Test as part of their participation in the Trader Trainee Programme. The course consists of ten modules and a student’s mastery of the content of these ten modules is tested cumulatively. As soon as a student has completed a module, he or she can opt to write a short test, which consists of fifteen marks, based on the module content. Those who achieve an average of 70% over ten modules (a total of 150 questions) receive a “Blue Point Trading Certificate of Achievement.” Click here to see what the certificate looks like.

To further validate participation in the Trader Trainee Programme and to acknowledge the student’s test performance, this newly issued “Certificate of Achievement” is sent to the trader by e-mail, shortly after he or she has passed the Trader Trainee test.

Please click here to read a more detailed article on the mechanics and design that form the foundation of the e-Learning package. 

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