bptw-webinarDear Traders and Blue Point Followers,

Save the date for the “BPT 2016  Trade Plan Framework” Autumn webinar on 27.10.2016 ;  as the name suggests, the focus is going to be on the Trade Plan Framework and its underlying methodology.  It reflects some of our view on building and applying your Trade Plan and includes an example of a suitable Trade Plan construction.


This 30 minute presentation is held by Mr. William Thompson and followed by an extensive Question & Answers session for all participants.


  •  30 Minute Presentation:
  1. Why a Trade Plan
  2. Trade Plan Template
  3. Trade Plan Construction
  4.  Trade Plan Example
  • Questions & Answers session

You may register for this complimentary event by clicking here or through the following reference page : https://bptw.clickmeeting.com/the-bpt-trade-plan-framework/register

Kind Regards,
The Blue Point Trading Management Team

Upcoming BPT Autumn Webinar : The BPT Trade Plan Framework

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